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Welcome to our Blog!

We are Carlos & Melissa, we are a team working together on every wedding or photo session, we recently got married 🙂  so working together is an extension of our daily lives. Since both speak fluent English it is very easy to communicate with our couples who mostly come from abroad to have their destination wedding in beautiful Puerto Vallarta or its surrounding areas such as Yelapa, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías, Sayulita or Punta de Mita.

Meeting new people in a tourist place is something of the daily lives of most of us living here, but meeting our couples on one of the most special days of their lives is something very special for us. That special day translates to us in never stop shooting, we aim to tell the story of each wedding, we do our best to capture every moment and the highlights for us are those moments filled with emotions, from those happy moments to those were the range of emotions may peak in tears of joy.

Thank you for your interest in our work.

Carlos & Melissa.

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Some words about Melissa:

“When I was a teenager I loved my camera, nothing fancy at that time, an automatic Nikon film my Dad gave to me. Time came for me to decide what to study, but here in small Puerto Vallarta and no internet to see the “outside” world, what to study of course were the common things: Business Administration, Accountant, Medical Doctor, etc. Well I never knew of options for studying photography and I have always been very inclined towards equality and justice, so I became a Lawyer, of course my Dad was very proud of that.

Time passed and my love for taking pictures was always there, eventually I got several cameras and taking pictures kept being a hobby. I took a small photography course which seemed more like a photoshop course, which made me feel I was back to square one regarding any classroom instruction I wanted.

Eventually with Carlos in my life we enjoyed going for photowalks, and was proud he had gotten a job as a photographer, something I always had in back of my mind. Some time after we decided to really pursue photography as our real job and the long awaiting process of learning finally came. Not to say it came easy, photography is indeed a craft of its own, I have enjoyed the path with all my heart and continue to do so, this path as any other is a never ending process that pushes you to become better each time if you really love it and are committed to it. Just like a marriage, so I am fortunate to have all this and grow along in many ways with Carlos by my side.

The first lesson I learned came from my Dad with out even knowing it at that time many years ago! He used to tell me “….no, don’t look at the camera, or take my picture like this (not looking at the camera), it makes the picture more interesting…¨ How true that lesson came to be after all this time.

Besides photography my passion is to help animals in need, I have been doing rescues for 16 years. 4 years ago I met other people with my same passion and we formed a rescue/spay&neuter/adoption group for cats since here they are more overlooked than dogs. I love my cat family and try to give other cats the same chance of having a home, apart from that I am a photographer at the local SPCAPV, and care very much about animals suffering in todays environment….”

– Melissa.

Member of The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP)

Member of Fearless Photographers.

Some words about Carlos:

“I didn’t choose photography, photography chose me“. As pretentious as it may sound,.

2012 was a very challenging year for me because I didn’t have a job for 6 months straight. The only job I could find was an online coupon agency like Groupon, but local. It was an extremely demanding job. I had to create and edit the ads for different local businesses and many of them I didn’t even know and still had to make them sound like they were “the best ever“. It was an 8 hour straight job in front of a computer writing the ads, besides answering emails, making phone calls and doing customer service, I was doing all this trying to sound as charming and convincing as Steve Jobs, for that matter. I felt absolutely miserable.

But one day I decided to send some of my pictures to a photo contest advertised in the local paper. So I sent some I used to take during relaxing photo-walks around Puerto Vallarta with Melissa on my my days off. And guess what?  I won. And the prize was a position as 1st photographer in an exclusive resort! I felt like a million dollars! But the thing is, I didn’t know ANYTHING about photography, I didn’t know about composition, ISO, shutter speed or apertures. I was a layman really. But my boss didn’t care about it, and he told me very seriously on my first assignment: “Here’s your camera, you have your first wedding at 6:00pm“. And I’m like, “I better make this work…“ LOL.

Fortunately for me (and most importantly, for the bride) the pictures didn’t suck. But obviously, they were far from great and I didn’t want to cheat myself or anybody else again, so after that experience I committed myself to become the best photographer I could be. Studying, training, learning and practicing and I’ve never stopped since then.

Now, I am so grateful that I don’t have a job because I do what I love the most, with the person I love the most.

I hope you like our pictures. They were created with love and true commitment to all our beautiful couples.


If you may have any further questions please email us, we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Thank you for visiting, knowing us a bit more and we hope we have the honor of being part of your special day!

Carlos & Melissa.


Cel. 521(322) 100 4888 & 521(322) 102 9569

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